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    Jive Anywhere and Indexing

    John Schwiller

      Karl Rumelhart


      In the 'old days' of 4.5 and 5.0 when I encountered an interesting post by someone like Dion Hinchcliffe I would create a RTE page where I would paste the link, past all the content - reformatting it to be pretty which often took quite a while particularly if there was graphics, and then hopefully I would tag it if I remembered at least to add the author and source like ZDnet or HBR. This all took an absolute age and I would have been amazed if I ever saw another user doing this (I didn't).


      So now it looks like Jive Anywhere meets some of these needs and at least is very fast. However I have two questions:


      1. Any thoughts about allowing tagging from the Jive Anywhere tab.


      2. Any thoughts about whether you would consider indexing the linked to content so that the page behaves as if it had been created the old fashioned way (which was why I did it that way).