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        User overrides get out of hand pretty quickly. You have to manage each person separately and it is very hard to see at a glance who has rights on a space when you need to check permissions. I find it much easier to create groups with descriptive names such as "HR Space Administrators" and add people that way.

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            That's a great POV, Nikki. But creating groups seems just as labor intensive as managing user overrides. But I could be wrong - can you tell me a little bit more about your perspective and why you recommend groups? Maybe a use case of why this is better than a user override?


            Also - What kinds of admin rights to you give to "admins?" Do you normally give Full Access? What do you and other community managers recommend?



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                Creating the groups is a lot of work up front, but it is more efficient in the long run. I am speaking as someone who has taken the lazy way out and created user overrides several times, only to regret it later.


                One example is along the same lines as what you have below…Full Access versus Manage Users/Manage System. We have some power users who are community managers who I put into a group by the same name and give the "manage" permission to. These people should not see content in secret or private groups. It is very easy for me to add and remove people from this group, and to see at one glance who has it. With user overrides, I would have to visually parse the list for each person, making it a nightmare to figure out who has these rights.


                Similarly, we have a very short list of users with full admin rights. Being able to see this list in one glance is important for me as well as our Security people. It keeps it clean and simple.


                For space-specific permissions, it may not be as big of a deal, since you can see those people all at once by looking at the lobby permissions. However, we invariably end up breaking the permissions, and I have to individually add everyone back if they were added first by user over rides.


                Last but not least, if you want to identify the owners of a space with a badge or icon, you already have a group set up to do this. You don't want to create duplicate groups for the same purpose.


                Long story short: using groups is more work at first, but saves frustration later.