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    How to create a URL to autopopulate a category checkbox for a document/blog


      We are able to create a URL that populates the tags field based on the URL. This allows us to send a link out that a person can use to create a similar document each time without filling out too much information on their own. Granted they can change all the fields we set, but they don't have to.


      Example. doc-create!input.jspa?container=2740&containerType=14&documentID=&tags=vicepres_general_announcement&subject=Update+from+Vice+President


      This allows us to set some default information in the document to help ensure certain tags are used (if left unchanged).


      Question: We also want to set Categories using this URL method, but I can't find any url paths that work to set the checkbox(es). I have tried categoryID with a specific ID (4487) (&categoryID=4487) as well as I have tried tagSets, updateTagSets, tags, tagsID, etc. So far nothing seems to set the Category for the user through the URL. Is it possible?


      Any thoughts?

      PS. At the moment, only setting this via the URL is an option for us. We cannot make changes to the server.