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    Anyone have a checklist for upgrades?

      Hello everyone!


      We are getting ready to upgrade to Jive5 and i'm wondering if anyone has a checklist that they've already used to double check things before making it live to users (proper permissions, content, etc). I've started making my own list, but thought it would be helpful to see if anyone else already has something similar.




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          • Email templates - do they need any changes to accommodate Jive5?
          • Jive Apps Market - check to make sure it functions as you expect (whatever that means for you)
          • If using Twitter app, validate it is set up correctly (you are moving to new hardware, so it can break)
          • If you want the standard Home default, check to make sure settings are what you want for your community
          • Validate settings for Weekly Digest email (by default, this is turned off in 5)
          • If you use the Video plug-in, after go-live, check video (i.e. try creating a video). Some settings got messed up for us on the Twistage side, and no one could create videos
          • I'd recommend Ryan's QuickLinks plug-in. You'll need to add in your links after final go-live (even if you pre-populate them)
          • If you are using the CMR plug-in (community manager reports), make sure they are working and pulling the correct data
          • If using Mobile, validate settings and test
          • I always check the list of known issues, and post ones that would be relevant to my users
          • Assuming you are using the RegEx filters to stop out of office messages from posting, make copies of those from your existing system, and then validate that they transferred. They didn't transfer for us, and it caused big issues over the go-live weekend.


          That is what comes to mind. Most of the things I ended up doing were related to us also rebranding out site. But hope this helps!