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    Has anyone created a "Fake" Featured User Widget? Any Tips on how to do this?


      hi all, my company won't use unsupported widgets, so I am out of luck on the Featured User Widget. I know this one would be very popular-- people already use this exact concept in our current wiki.


      That said, I am trying to mimic the Featured User widget, using the Page View widget. Has anyone out there tried to do this as well? If so, have you got any tips for me on how to do this better? I suspect if I had html skills I may be able to do better with this, but I cannot write code. But, I can usually lift simple bits of code and insert what I need, such as new images or fonts/colors (as long as it's not too complicated).


      Below are my attempts. I created a page called 'featured user', then used the View Page widget:


      Attempt #1 - kind clunky. Also, not sure I can get a url for the "follow" link-- any ideas here?


      Featured test.jpg


      Attempt #2 - better, but again, lacking 'Follow' link.
      Featured test2.jpg