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    How to get data out of WidgetResponse

      Hi Ryan Rutan

      Looking at the categorized-projects, I guessing that the result is retrieve by showProjects(response) when invoke it in getProjects( parameters...,object.showProjects)

      Applying the same concept but  in my function the response is remain as null, may I know how exactly it works around and I have DWResponse and DWBean, how can I show discussionName in the ftl? How exactly retrieve the discussion?


      My DWBean had all the get/setDiscussionName, ID, Url. My DWResponse has the list of DWBean of get/setDiscussion only, is this the right way? I get the following error:



      my ftl







      I had been looking at your code for a long time but too bad it is too advanced for me to understand. Please teach me. Thank you.