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    promoting fast answers


      I wanted to get some feedback before I created an idea to flesh some stuff out.  I was thinking that it would be cool to have a tweak for the point system where if someone responded with an answer within a certain amount of time they could get more points and after the time limit expired they would get normal points.  This sort of ties in with my other idea of but is different by the fact this would be a permanent setting instead of a temporary offer. 


      The basic use case I was thinking was if a user makes a reply within 24 hours they get double the normal points given.  This would apply not only to points awarded for making a reply, but also account for if their answer is selected as Helpful or Correct.  I think this would help motivate people to stay tuned in to new posts, but also and more importantly try to answer or help out if they know a possible solution.  One downside I see is the real super users could use this to get so far ahead no one could touch them.  Anyone else have any thoughts (good or bad)?




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          Hey Matt,


          You hit on both points I thought about reading the initial idea. I doubt I would want to do it for any reply but for helpful/correct within 24 hours I think it makes great sense. As far super users using it to their advantage, I would look to see how quickly they are answering questions to see if they are getting to them quickly or are they doing "sweep up" work after questions have been open for a while.


          There are quite a few variables at play so the analyst in me would say that before I would make the jump on implementing a tweak like this I need to run several different usage scenarios against the current state to see what the impact to point totals would be based on user behaviors. Are the same folks still on top? Do new point leaders emerge?


          After figuring that out, that's when I would make the call.



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            Hi Matt,


            I like this idea. Have you guys tried it out? If so, how has it been going?