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    Can I blog into a background image?


      Greetings All,


      This is a long shot but can I insert a text box into a background image in a Blog? I want to enhance the look of a blog with a background image and wanted to know if anyone has done this. Think Layers like Adobe and first layer being the background image, then 2nd layer would host the type.


      I know this is possible in other Desktop design software but wanted to know if anyone found a quick work around for this in Jive Blogs.


      Still learning and loving it after 4 months on JIVE. I'm going to try and find time to explore this but thought it might help to ask.


      Thanks in advance for any thoughts. :-)

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          You can in an HTML widget, but the HTML in the RTE in a doc/discussion/blog post is more restrictive and will not allow it.  Now, maybe you can adjust settings in admin, but I don't know.


          In the HTML widget I created a table and made the column background a picture.  That works.  But not in the RTE.


          I with the RTE didn't have such limited HTML capabilities.