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    Is there a way to turn off emails from bookmarked content?


      We are on Jive 5, hosted, with very limited theme changes (i.e. pretty vanilla site).


      I just got a question from an employee today about emails and bookmarks. There is a document I wrote that many people have bookmarked. Because of a change I recently made to it, it suddenly got a lot of activity and many people are seeing they are getting a ton of email from it. I was asked why. My first instinct was that people were getting emails because for some reason they had selected to receive emails (either directly, or because they interacted). Then I decided to check out the bookmark angle.


      What I discovered surprised me. It looks like if you bookmark something, you automatically get emails when it gets updated or commented on. And I double-checked the page - it does NOT show that I'm signed up for email notifications. So it doesn't appear there is a way to separate emails from bookmarks. This might explain some of the behavior my employees are complaining about. I'm betting they don't assume bookmark = email (especially since we didn't tell them it did).


      1. Does bookmarking automatically mean you get emails?
      2. Is there any way to stop emails from bookmarked content other than removing the bookmark?
      3. What am I missing?