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    CMR and Multiple Groups

    John Schwiller

      Just finished 3 days strategy consulting training with Kathryn Everest  and part of the vision she imparted was to move away from spaces and subspaces to linked groups using tags.


      That threw up in my mind how you would setup CMR to aggregate across a number of groups, say employee resource groups > womens groups > chapter 1, 2, ...n - with an initial thought of using an attention stream to define the set of groups. But she suggested that running against groups (and I guess spaces if you had any) with a designated tag (or tag set?) is being thought about.


      Is this a near term idea or just a vision? Can you share any thoughts?

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          We have had a very strong feature request for something a little more general than this. Specifically, what a number of folks (including people at Jive who run important Groups on our internal instance) have asked for is the ability to do arbitrary roll ups.  That is, let me specify any set of Groups and/or Spaces and get reports on the aggregation of them.  The use case is along the lines of what I think you are talking about: I am responsible for these five Groups/Spaces that all have something to do with sales and want a single view across them.   This most definitely is on our radar and, in fact, we look at it quite a bit during the planning for the latest release of CMR.  It turned out to be much more involved that we expected, not because of any problem in the back end but because it means developing a Place-aggregation concept in the product that cries out for being more general than CMR.  Linking this aggregation to Tags is one approach, but there are many things to consider, such as the relationship to custom streams.  So the short answer is: definitely not "just a vision."  But there is enough complexity that it is not going to be something available in the product for a little while yet.



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