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    Jive for Teams - Full Access

    John Schwiller

      As previously described there are a number of sys admin actions I wish to do in a J4T trial, which I cannot do with just Manage Community - for example improving the design of poorly designed groups.


      Is this something that can be granted on application?

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          John - I'm checking with the product manager on this.



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              John Schwiller - We can take your use case as a product enhancement request (being able to improve design on groups) without full access to sys admin actions, and potentially add this permission.


              I would suggest that the best way to handle as things currently exist, that you work with the owners of the Groups he has issue with to modify their layouts together, so that they learn how to do it better.



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                  John Schwiller

                  Thanks Brady.


                  I was just not 'getting' why you get Full Access on a bought instance but not on a trial. It's not just group design, but uploaded page titles with the extension left on etc which I would normally fix as a Sys Admin.


                  In a rapidly moving trial we are not 'in it' to do training of new users who make 'mistakes', they may not do it again as they graze around in the trial. A higher priority for me is to ensure that other new users see good content which is an exemplar of how Jive can be used, with good consistent place design, titles and content.


                  BTW what happened during Kathryn's training was a user (my boss) who I gave joint owner rights to the group we were using that had an overview page that met our standards, ie Actions top right, Group Overview top left etc was changed beyond all recognition because he said he didn't like the layout (we've had 3 years of doing it that way with spaces) - I revoked his ownership and put it all back. However he then went on to create a number of test groups that I cannot fix. We have bigger issues to sort out like winning more Jive business than me coaching him on (for him) low level design issues.


                  Anyway you get the use case(s) - if it's added to Manage Community rather than Full Access then OK.