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    Uploading Documents - help/a few product improvement ideas


      Three challenges that have come up for us with documents.  I don't believe these things are possible yet, but would welcome any input to the contrary!


      1. batch uploading - offer a solution to  batch-upload documents to jive (envisioning lots of usage here for Microsoft Office docs, photos, etc).  It would also be helpful to see these documents displayed in an aggregated way so that tagging, categorizing and re-naming could be done quickly.  We're migrating a lot of content from servers and intranets into jive and this would certainly speed things up!
      2. view a document widget - allow this to work with uploaded Microsoft Office docs, not just jive documents
      3. view a document widget, 2 - allow this to work with documents that live in another space, not just with documents housed within the same space
      4. microsoft & jive document compatability - update jive documents so they can accommodate info copied & pasted from Microsoft docs.  Currently, it's only possible to display data (charts, tables, etc) using the "view a document" widget, which only works with jive documents.  We wanted to display data from a Table in an existing Word doc in one of our Groups.  We couldn't view the Word doc in the widget, or upload the table to a jive doc, or copy and paste the table into a jive doc because the colums, rows, formatting and data don't transfer.  And since it has to be a jive document to render the info within a Space, we had to manually re-create the table, cell by cell, within a jive document.  oy, vey!