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    Jive User Permissions



      My question today comes from a lack of knowledge regarding the actual "Jive" user that gets installed with JIVE SBS. I know that it can a lot of things related to the Jive application, but we have rarely used it but have simply used the root account (not best practice at all). When we first started our Jive environment over 3 years ago, I was the only one who had access to the server and although I know it's not the best thing to do, but that was how I've been doing it up to now. As we have grown from a few thousand users to nearly 40 thousand, the need for additional administrators has come to surface.


      On that note, can anyone provide instruction as to what the best plan is for having multiple JiveApplication admins on the servers themselves via SSH to perform Jive application related duties?


      I've thought of creating groups and adding those groups in the sudoers file, but wasn't sure what specifications are required as far as directory access, service permissions etc to provide to those groups would be. I could create user or group aliases and add the Jive admins to run under those permissions, again, I'm not sure exactly what the "best practices" are for this.


      If anyone has any guidelines or recommendations on how I can allow these Jive administrators access to the server with enough privledges to allow all functionality regarding the application w/o granting full system access, I would be most appreciative.