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        John Schwiller

        What a complete load of waffle - I could have said a worse word


        Corporate IT feels threatened by the business bringing in these disruptive technologies which challenge what they have become expert in over many years - for example from big vendors like Microsoft, Oracle etc. JiveCloud makes it easier than ever for some businesses to control their own destiny. Accepting that some highly-regulated industries like banking don't have such latitude to move to the cloud. 


        Sure the business needs to talk to Corporate IT about what it's doing but IT has never, IMO, asked what problems the business needs to solve next. IT is all about controlling and slashing costs - it wouldn't know value if it fell over it. IT has to be brought along on the journey, but principally because they'll have to take over and run it after it is up and running - not as specifiers of the requirements, product selectors and business change consultants. 


        The other problem is that the savings the business makes from social business are in their budgets that are far removed from the IT budget. This is why you are pretty much dead in your adoption tracks unless the woman at the top (see I learnt from Karl Rumelhart ) has bought-in and cares about all of the budgets, setting off the smallish licence spend, with the IT savings by not having inefficient on-prem hosting with little economy of scale, against the massive efficiency savings [typically 30% on many dimensions according to the Jive Dec 2010 Customer Survey].


        OK I've had a long day and probably could have written this better but it'll do for now. I'm off to Jive Anywhere that article into our Jive for Teams to see what our social business colleagues think.