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    Jive-hosted vs Self-hosted Jive Implementations?


      Our instance of SBS is self-hosted.  We're wondering what the advantages are, from the community manager perspective, to a Jive-hosted instance?


      If anyone has moved from a self-hosted to a Jive-hosted instance: what were the biggest differences? Was there a downside?




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          I'm interested as well.  I've looked into it since getting internal IT support is difficult.  My gut says it would give me more flexibility, but I'd be interested in hearing some real life experiences.

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            We've been hosted from the start, but it's generally been a very good experience.  We had a few technical issues with integration to our LDAP directory, if you use SAML it would probably be much easier.  Our security team initially had some concerns about external/home access, but we were able to easily have Jive restrict access to just our IP addresses (simple ticket to Support).  If you need a "closed" solution like this, there is also an under-publicized way to get Mobile to work but still lock down the network access. 


            If you don't need to be so "closed" then you'll find that users quickly figure out that they can access the system from home and they generally love the convenience...


            From a functional perspective, I don't think you would see too much difference - you do your admin activities exactly the same way, and there are even tools that let you restart the server, add plugins, download logs, etc.

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              We are self hosted (Jive 4.5.something) and have been from the beginning.  As the community manager, I agree the day-to-day functions are no different.


              The choice of hosting has more impact on your application maintenance. The pro is your Jive site is exactly as secure  and controlled as any other company application, which was my highly regulated financial services company wanted. The trade-off is you probably have more issues with Jive's compatibility with your other internal systems (we still having server issues) and you need Jive-trained IT resources in house. The biggest con to self-hosting I've seen is when working issues with Jive. There's a lot more explanation, research and basic back and forth because Jive Support has no direct access to your Jive site.

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                We too have been looking into the feasibility and potential benefits of moving from a self-hosted environment to Jive hosting. We are on 4.5 and would like to upgrade to 5 - in order to do so we either invest in further IT infrastructure or we don't and move to Jive hosting.


                However, we've been having difficulty getting detailed information about Jive hosting from Jive.


                When we asked if there was any material about the business case for moving from self-hosted to Jive Hosting, or examples of companies that had done it, we were told


                Many of our on-premise customers have been making the move to hosted over the last year. These customers have typically done a cost analysis, proving that they would save in excess of 50K per year on Hardware, Infrastructure, Personnel & Skills, Support and Maintenance (this is obviously dependant on the number of employees/size of the community).


                So community members - have any of you moved from self-hosted to hosted and what information did you base your decisions on?


                In terms of Jive hosting security - what information were you provided with?



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                    Jackie Cuyvers The client I am working with is hosted by SunGard (from the start) and it has been a very good experience. System availability and performance of the site has been consistently very strong. The one "severity one" ticket we opened in the last year was responded to within about 15 minutes and they worked the issue diligently to completion.


                    The thing I personally like about Jive (or SunGard) hosting it is they manage it all. Our IT group has some challenges, so having Jive handled it all makes our lives very easy. We have access to the Jive Cloud and can do some admin stuff on our own (so we have some flexibility if we need to do a restart of the application for some reason)


                    For our client, the cost/benefit of being hosted has been extremely positive.


                    One thing to explore. I believe Jive is moving away from SunGard's hosting facility to having their own hosting facility. SunGard is a "known" entity with our IT and security group, so that made things easier. If we were hosted at Jive's facility, there likely would have been a deeper security review.