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    picture upload failure


      Hi,Sabrina thankl you for your answer.I hope i am in the right environment now.

      Again here my description of the critical incident from yesterday:


      I was just testing the picture upload function in the "blog" section.


      When I first uploaded a picture, though it was uploaded there was no preview at all. Even after I agreed to publish the blog, but just a link which was named like the picture: for example:" Blume.jpg" appeared on the screen.


      When I clicked on this picture link,       picturelink.jpg

      I was dismissed from Jive and had to "log in" again.

      Regarding your question Sabrina, about the out logs with the time and time zone of when Ireceived the error ,: it was approximately around 17.15, 5.15 am Berlin time zone

      After the new log in it works out fine,like it is supposed to be,as you can see in the picture below.

      But I want to mention the first error indication,just in case the szeario has happened before or will happen again.


      Do you have any solutions or similar feedback for that?

      Thank you again!