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    Working Out Loud

    John Schwiller

      Bryce Williams just posted this on Facebook from John Stepper's blog.



      Whole thing here: “Working out loud”: Your personal content strategy | johnstepper


      So my question is when will Jive Anywhere be in Share this? - and yes I suppose I could route it through Twitter but that won't put it in a particular location and I want to get it into a Jive for Teams.

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          Thanks, John. Jive Anywhere seems like an excellent way to narrate some of what you do. The concept of seeing, say, the most widely read articles on our trading floors complete with comments *in context* (i.e., accessible right there in the browser alongside the article) is extremely convenient and useful.


          The idea of "working out loud" is very attractive to people who previously were unsure of how social platforms could relate to and improve what they do every day.