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    Understanding Following/Followed Activity


      Building on the Re: If you follow a person, do you see all of their activity streams? discussion (which I receive an error message in if I try to post a reply) -


      I am seeing this issue as well, but permissions aren't a factor. We have a few high-activity communities, and members who are following 5-8 communities and groups, plus 20 or so people, and some activity just doesn't show up in Followed that we expect would. (For example, a blog post on a personal blog, and many users following the blogging user don't see the new post in their Followed Activity.) For some of these people, they rely on these activity feeds to get their jobs done, so having it not show up is causing distrust of the system (and longing for Your View). (We just upgraded to 5.)


      Can you provide more insight into what shows up in Followed Activity?