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    System Administration Permissions for Managing Users only

      Our accounts team will be managing our Jive accounts. Rather than giving them full Community Leader access, I would like to limit there administrative permissions to Manage Users only.

      What I did:

      • Went to the Make a user a Community Leader link
      • Clicked Create a user override
      • Set up an override for one of the accounts team
      • Clicked on the Edit permissions link next to the accounts team user
      • Clicked radio button for <name> should have access
      • Put a check mark in the Manager Users option (Grants access to manager the users of this application) See attachment.
      • Set Permissions and closed the popup page.

      The problem:

      This did not work as I had expected. The user could not see the Settings option to access the area for adding/managing user accounts. I ended up having to give the whole accounts team the Manage Express permissions to accomplish what needed to be done.

      1. Am I doing something wrong? If I give just the 'Manage Users" permission, is there some other way to access the area to do it rather than through the Settings?
      2. I really prefer not to have the whole accounts team have full access to all the information in Jive, since we have other internal organizations using it and they have information they prefer not to share.