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    Anyone have help desk scripts?

      I have a client asking for examples of help desk scripts. Jive strategy consulting usually advises that corporate help desks only address the following issues:


      1. I can't access the site
      2. I've forgotten my password


      Other than that, most help requests are taken care of by the community, advocates, group facilitators, etc.


      Does anyone care to share their corporate help desk scripts, and/or amend the list above?

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          Our corporate help desk is only expected to answer technical questions like yours listed above. We also ask all users to submit support tickets through the help desk to help us track them, which are usually related to our known technical bugs (example: a user comes back from a leave of absence and our systems do not automatically re-enable him in Jive).


          However, we did provide our help desk with the attached scripts for non-technical questions that have a quick answer (< 60 seconds). If a user's problem is more complex than our FAQs, the help desk refers the user to our Self Help group on Jive. Our help desk is also encouraged to reminder users about the Self Help group at the end of each call.

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            Our help desk addresses the same issues as listed above. However, we do ask users to flow all questions through the help desk for tracking purposes. (if they cannot get their question answered in the community). I've attached a generic version (cleaned up some company specific information) of our support flow in .pdf and .vsd formats.