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    Request:  Ability to evaluate <when> tags when rendering (tertiary) UI components in Admin Console


      My current goal is to add a new text link to the left-hand column nav bar under Spaces->Management that will appear only when the current user is a member of a certain permissions group.


      I have successfully added the component by adding its definition to plugin.xml as a <component>, as below:


      <item id="endorsement-details"
              role="Manage System, Manage Community"
                name="Endorsement Management"
            <when><![CDATA[jiveContext.getGroupManager().getGroup(JiveGlobals.getJiveLongProperty("endorsements.management.group.id", -1)).isMember(user)]]></when>


      When viewing the Spaces page in the Admin Console, however, the <when> is not being evaluated.