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    Anyone Else Converted from Trial to Paid-Up


      We have been paid-up with Jive for Teams since 1 June


      I'm keen to hook-up with others as they move to a paid-up model to share experiences and issues. Anyone willing to go public on this?


      For example, how are you looking to identify new triallers (post-purchase) alongside your paid-up users?

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          Hi John,


          You may want to connect to Megan Moxley as she's currently working to connect with clients like yourself who are newly deploying Jive for Teams. I know some of our new trial and deployed users haven't joined the Jive for Teams space yet either... would be great to start pushing them here for feedback though if they are willing to share.

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            Hi John,

            we have recently moved to the paid-up. Would be happy to share feedback, solutions and requests

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                Great - let's do that.


                My current top issues are:


                Full Sys Admin Access    this is the top issue, then:    


                - Needing a better way to upload graphics that can be used as banners in HTML widgets in groups

                - More control to turn off the invite service or have it obey account creation moderation

                - Linefeeds on iPad to not give double uppercase chars

                - Tags on people to work in spotlight search

                - Bounce address needed to forward bounced emails

                - Poll text indexing

                - Custom profile fields not appearing 'immediately' on profile created in Admin Console

                - Default system property to turn of all Inbox emails (top line preference)


                But that makes it sound worse than it is - most of these are known by Support. I'd guess about 60% of what I call in is already a known issue.

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                Wanted to note here, as I did in:

                Full Sys Admin Access

                As demand for customers who transition to our cloud product grows, we will look to provide a formal group where customers can safely talk about their issues as it relates to Full Access expectations on the cloud platform.  We feel that this feedback is immensely valuable, and will make the product better for new and existing customers moving forward.  If you have feedback on this topic, feel free to reach out to me and let me know and I'll make sure it is routed to the appropriate parties. =)