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    Previous Community Manager Profile- updating his documents so looks like he is still active, need help


      Hello Fellow Community Managers,


      The previous community manager here at QlikTech created some great content but I'm in the process of refreshing tags, titles etc. The problem is that we didn't want to deactivate his profile (we changed the password and image) because he created alot of good content. But when I update the content it looks like he is still active in the community. I tried deactivating his profile but the profile image goes blank, I don't want to lose the content, likes, comments metrics etc. But I would like to either move it to my profile (but I don't want to 'steal' his work) or at least have it display that I have revised it rather than it looking like he did.


      I think I could change his profile name to Community Administrator and Keep mine as Community Manager. What have others done in this scenario to avoid confusion? Is there a concern with having Community Administrator and my Community Manager profile and personally running both? I may look at doing different things with these profiles but then risk segmenting the points and causing user confusion about who to go to.


      Any feedback, tips etc are welcome!