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    9 Excellent Tools for Design Mockups

      9 Excellent Tools for Design Mockups


      Make sure your website shines with these tools for mockups.

      Any tools you care to add to the list?  Take away?  In general, I see these tools being more UI based, where as...UX is more about the comprehensive package (IMO).  Any tool suites at their that help you better orchestrate the larger experience?  Just curious. =)


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          Thanks for sharing Ryan Rutan. This is very helpful. There's also a course on Human Computer Interaction that Coursera.org is running which maybe useful for those looking at learning more about UX and UI design.

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            I would have to agree with you Ryan Rutan. These are UI based tools that help define user flow and information architecture, but strictly speaking I don't consider these any type of graphical design program, but more of a portion of the experience design tool set.


            When deciding which software program to use, I would lean toward something that provides clickable/navigable interfaces. Clickable walk-thrus are great to understand the possible loops and loop holes. Luckily for any Jive community, simple implementations of the software do not need this depth because the software is pretty well vetted. If you plan on creating customized widgets and targeted experiences I would highly recommend a program with a robust feature set.


            The style of Jive's interface would be better served in a graphical design tool like Fireworks, or Photoshop. I have always found Photoshop to be the most rewarding for designers and front-end developers. I've heard of others using programs like Illustrator or even InDesign to design websites, but I would argue that the pixel based dimensions of the web are better matched with Photoshop or Fireworks. At that point it is a work preference between the project team.