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    Brightcove HTML embed on an https site causes Chrome warnings

      Has anyone figured out how to prevent the security warnings from Chrome when using the Brightcove HTML embed (Blog embed) code on a Jive Community that uses https?


      I've researched Brightcove's support information and it looks like their solution is to use the Brightcove javascript player. Which we can't use within Jive documents or discussions. I've opened a ticket with Brightcove to confirm (and will update this discussion if I get add'l info from Brightcove).


      I only get the warnings in Chrome not in Firefox12 or IE8.


      The Chrome warning is pretty obvious and encourages users to not allow the insecure content which prevents the player from displaying.



      Anyone been successful in getting rid of this warning? Or tried to minimize the negative impact of it?


      If I can't get rid of it, I'm considering putting a small right column Text Widget on the Space page with a link to a Help doc about the warning and it's cause.