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    Watching the Discussion Unfold

    John Schwiller

      After JA'ing this blog from John Stepper into Jive: What social business is. And isn’t. | johnstepper  I went back to read the comments and then posted this reply in my Jive instance:


      As with most blog posts, particularly from people like John who are networked in with the best, it is always worth reading the comments as well - and if it's a new post to keep coming back to watch the discussion continue.


      So apart from my request to Rich Park (two weeks ago in London) for Jive search to crawl JA'd pages (Karl Rumelhart ?) how about JA being smart enough to be able to periodically indicate that a blog post that has been JA'd into Jive has had 'lots' more activity. Clearly this doesn't want to be compute intensive but any indication of continued hotness post the JA posting would be useful IMO.