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    Event Marketing

      I'm working on marketing plans for promoting awareness and use of our internal Jive community among our associate base.  We are considering some in-person marketing events along the lines of information tables in high traffic areas such as cafeterials at some of our larger sites (we are a geographically dispersed organization).


      Some of the things we are considering doing include:

      • Information tables staffed with high energy advocates who can attract people to the information tables (also have advocates wearing t-shirts with our platform logo)
      • Print materials with our branded logo/ tag lines to jazz-up the table
      • Live demos/tours of our internal community at the table
      • Hand-out loot bags that include a how-to-get-started-user-guide and some branded stuff (pens, magnets)
      • Ability to enter a drawing for a cool prize (like an iPad) if you setup your profile/upload a photo at the table (for platform newbies only)
      • ???


      I'm curious if other organizations have hosted any in-person marketing events to promote their internal instance of Jive...and if so, how did those events go?  Did you find the investment worthwhile?  How did you staff the events (e.g. how did you select the people to help you market the platform)?



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          Hi Heather,


          We just finished up what we were calling "The Hub month" (The Hub is our Jive internal instance) at our location in Eagan, Minn. We had a variety of activities, many pretty similar to what you mentioned here. We had an information booth that rotated between our two cafeterias over the lunch hours, staffed with advocates who could answer questions and give visitors pointers. The big draw to the info booth though was our photo booth. We offered free photos, taken by our photo club volunteers, that people could then upload as their new profile photo. We gave away a few freebie items at the booth as well, including some branded pens and stickers that said "follow me" to get people interested in what we were doing.


          One of the most popular programs of the month though was our medallion hunt. We hid a branded plastic medallion on our campus (we are fortunate to have a huge office with lots of fun hiding spots) and then each week posted a new clue in one of our groups to lead people to the medallion. It encouraged them to visit our group and interact with the site, while also getting them out and having a little bit of fun with their coworkers. The grand prize was a prime set of tickets to a Minnesota Twins game, so it was a great motivator.


          We're still putting together final measurements on how many people we interacted with, but our group membership has increased significantly and I think we can safely say the month of activities was a success! Happy to talk more about it if you have questions.

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              Wow, this is really great.  I love the idea of spreading the activities out of the course of a month.  And the medallion hunt is a great contest idea- I love that.  It also sounds like all of your efforts resulted in increased membership...which at the end of the day, is the ultimate objective.  Thank you so much for sharing.  One of the challenges that we are facing is having so many sites- spread out in many different states.  So I'm trying to figure out how to sequence and staff our event marketing efforts.  It would be great to be able to run the same basic set of activities at as many locations as possible, over a period of time- and watch the membership in those geographies "spike" after each event campaign.  We'll seel  You've given me some new ideas to think about- thanks!!