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    Site Aggregate Button

    John Schwiller

      An incomplete idea from a discussion with a newb who started looking at JA today.


      Consider a site like:












      The home page XXX and sub pages YYY, ZZZ and AAA are not completely un-related - e we are not talking LinkedIn with millions of discrete pages.


      Over time people JA various pages, say AAA into Jive.


      Then another user browses to YYY and looks in JA but sees nothing because no-one JA'd YYY yet.


      So the idea: add a button in JA so you can ask it to show refs in Jive to any page from XXX downwards. It would be good if the button could indicate before you push it that other related pages exist - I assume you could return that in the signal which triggers "be the first".


      Anyway I'm sure you get the idea.


      Sagi Eliyahu