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    Outlook connector not uploading complete messages


      We are having issues with outlook connector not uploading the entire email thread.   I noticed that if someone in the email thread you are uploading is not a member of Jive it will not upload the entire email only the last message from a user in the system.   Is this a setting we can change?


      Here is the example email:


      One problem was it did not like have someone in an email thread that is not part of our system “From: Katrib, Georgey  [mailto:Georgey.Katrib@customer.com]” so it was removing his email that started the discussion but it also removed Jim final answer after I removed any reference to ‘mailto:Georgey.Katrib@customer.com]” in the testing mail and uploaded the rest of the conversation.


      Can we check our setting on outlook connector and how it allows uploads?     We should be able to upload conversations that contain none system users that is going to be one of the main reason we will using convert email discussions.