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    Going from 4.5 to 5.0 ... what affected your customers the most?


      Hi Guys.

      I'm working on upgrading our Internal Community from 4.5 to 5.0 ..

      For those of you that have made the journey, what would you say were the top 5 things that affected your users the most?



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          I'm right where you are Gino. There have been a few threads on this topic, and lots of great info over in the The specified item was not found. group, particularly around email notifications. I'm still interested in hearing more, and specifically would like to know what kind of testing people did when upgrading. By testing I mean both checking to see that basic functionality is still working (and if people have scripts they could share, I'd love to see them), as well as checking to see that basic functionality is not so different that it will require either a customization or a targeting marketing or training effort in order to get users on board.


          I'm also considering creating infographics to help communicate the changes and new features, inspired by you, Gino. It would be fun to collaborate on that.


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            We're small company (50-60 staff) and have only had Jive 5 for three days.


            Biggest issue so far is getting essential information in front of staff on the non-widgetized home page.
            Obstacles include:

            • inability to follow a tag in a new stream
            • no announcements bar stuck to the top of the home page


            Although feedback is positive on the new home page with the ability to have multiple streams, many staff are wondering what became of the custom widgets that put right in front of them what the company deemed important information. Creating a new stream appears to only allow people or spaces. Our previous system was very tag-based so not being able to create a stream to follow a tag has been difficult. I don't want to revert to the old widgetized home page, so am seeking solutions from others to help ensure that things the company really wants everyone to look at is easily accessible but not compartmentalized. Telling staff that they have to go content, then filter by tag, then type the tag does not seem to be a simple solution. Any alternate ideas are gratefully appreciated!


            We used to use the yellow home-page Announcements bar for mandatory all-staff meetings or other critical information. Apparently, this feature is now only available if we use the widgetized home page, which I'd like to avoid. I'm trying to find a way, though, to ensure that critical information is announced in a way that is not simply a number in their Actions or Inbox count.


            I will be interested to follow this thread and learn about other obstacles and solutions!

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              Thanks everyone for your input .. really appreciate it & I will update this thread as we navigate thru this project.