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    RFP Material - Sample and How to Receive Help

      To receive help with an RFI/RFP:


      1. The Partner Sales Rep and Partner Sales Engineer must BOTH examine the RFP/RFI and determine if it is a viable opportunity.
      2. On the Partner's Provate Group create a Project with [Company Name] - RFP
      3. Post a discussion in the Project with the RFI/RFP attached
        • Subject line: {Company Name} - RFP - {Due Date}.
        • Body of the discussion:
        • Partner: {Partner Name}
        • Company: {Company}
          • Due Date: {due date}
          • Product: {Internal VS External}
          • Rep: {Rep Name}
          • SE: {SE Name}
          • {Rep Name} and {SE Name} verify Jive will {complete/not complete} this RFP
          • {Additional information}
          • {Attach RFP/RFI document}
          • Tag words: rfp {company_name}
      4. Partner Sales Rep and Partner SE drive RFP to completion, coordinating resources from other departments to get completion.
      5. Completed RFP will be posted as a document in the RFP Project:
      • Subject "{Company} RFP Delivered mm/dd/yy"
      • Tagged with "RFP_complete" - to be easily tracked by Tag Group.


      If you need to influence before hand, look at the attached file for a Sample RFP.