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    Using UAT Environment to Replicate Community Content as of a Specific Date

      My goal:  Replicate all community content as of a requested date for archiving requirements (Financial Industry FINRA requirement)


      I download three .bmp files each week for archiving, but we've not been able to open the files or use them for the required archiving set forth by our compliance department. 


      Option 1:  Create queries to pull the content pieces out of the database files for the information.  We don't have resources that can complete this in the time frame we need.


      Option 2:  I understand that I can request that Jive re-create our jive community as of a specified date on our UAT environment to provide a snapshot of all the content as of a requested date. I'd like to test this to ensure it meets our needs and can be completed efficiently and accurately.

      • How do I request this?
      • How many backups does jive keep?
      • How often can I request a backup copy of the community content?
      • Costs? Time Frame to complete?
      • Any other considerations/information I'm missing?


      Many thanks,

      Mary Paiser

      Robert W. Baird & Co.