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    Is your community like ours?


      Take Two User Groups and See Us at JiveWorld12 got me excited about seeing another user group type setup.


      I know many Jive customers use their site internally, some use them externally with customers and some use them with both - all with unique challenges.


      Our Jive community involves inviting our Clients to be members (groups of 20 -200 with no self registration) so they can download the resources we provide them, share their learning experiences, ideas and stories, be given virtual coaching and collaborate with us. Each client has their own Private Groups(s).


      By inviting in select groups within a client (e.g. just Middle Managers so Jive is not a standard company wide system for them) we face unique and diverse challenges of IT compatibility (browser issues, YouTube access etc) Member admin management (adding and deleting members at the appropriate time), seemless integration with the clients main systems so our community has visibility and is not 'just another thing' they have to remember to login to etc


      Because we have lots of diverse clients, the issues we face are also quite diverse. It would be great to set up a group of Jive Users who use their community in a similar way and who may face similar issues. Who else out there uses Jive like us?