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    Where Do Your Users Talk-Up Successes from Using Jive

    John Schwiller

      As we ramp-up users on our jive_for_teams I'm thinking of creating a group called something like 'Success Stories' where users who have seen great use of the platform or had first-hand experience can post about it. For example, I spent most of last weekend trying to create an HTML welcome email in Outlook - I was near giving up and I posted a question on our platform - within the hour Mark Schofield posted a 'how-to-do-it' and I was set to go.


      The alternative I'm thinking of is to advocate use of a tag like success_story which can be used in-situ, - or even promote both allowing both a) write-ups by users who have time and who can link to the evidence and b) a micro-method where people can just tag the evidence.


      Clearly some of these are seen, and may even be recognised, by the Community Manager and blogged in her regular(ish) newsletter - must do better to stick to my content plan notenoughhoursintheday


      But I'm interested in your approaches to handling this.