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    Best Practice: Do you delete disabled users?


      We have many disabled users who have left the company.  I'm pretty sure these numbers count against our percentages when I look at the community manager reports.  What is the best practice for this?

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          I have the same question about users who have registered but show their last log in date as "Never." Should we delete them? What does it mean to have registered but never logged in?

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            A few thoughts on this based on past feedback from Jive contacts and from my own diving into Jive's analytics. Note, these comments are based on an internal community perspective.


            • Best practice is to NOT delete disabled users. If you delete them, their content disappears with them. (which will throw off historic analysis)
            • Even if the user has never logged, Jive recommended to us that we not delete the user. My take was that some flaky stuff might happen on the delete user. (I recall trying to delete a couple users during our pilot and they didn't always disappear....it seems like there was an issue as the "delete" needs to cascade through the system. Ryan Rutan any thoughts on this?
            • In terms of the Community Manager Reports, there was a bug in Jive's ETL that populated the Analytics database. It was resolved in approximately mid-May. In short, disabled and enabled users were both showing up as "Enabled". This is now working correctly and I've verified by looking at the actual tables in the data warehouse.


            Christy -- let me know if I answered your specific question on this....happy to explain in more detail.


            On a related note, we are pretty close to finishing up our analytics framework prototype that we are putting on top of the Jive Analytics database. It is pretty powerful as it lets you explore the data real time without having to necessarily know exactly what you are looking for. I am finding I can do in minutes (or seconds) what would take me hours to do in Business Objects.

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              Just a quick note on this interesting thread.  Bill is right on about CMR: disabled users are not included in the total.  Glad to see you file the ticket, Kevin.  If you are seeing disabled users it is either a configuration issue or a defect.  On the question of deleting users: I agree strongly with the sentiment that disable is far preferable to delete.  There is great value in users even when they are gone!