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    Question on social Groups


      Hello Team,


      I would like to understand if folders can be created under the social groups? I am trying to push the concept of secret groups to our customers and the non-available of folders for doc collaboration seems to be a a huge road block. is there a way we can create folders in social groups to arrange the docs better?



      Pattabhi Raman

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          John Schwiller

          No. You should consider tags, categories and associated groups.


          Folders are the 'old way' of thinking, they involve overhead to manage, and probably for a large system, require taxonomies and librarians. The world is going in a different direction, embrace categories and tags  


          What we are trying to do is allow people to find content using things like the social connections, social search, the Recommender, Trending Content, Spotlight Search etc - there is much less need for location - at least within a container.


          Just try to 'go around' the road block to the actual users who will 'get it' even if there is someone in your way who can sense that their job has just vanished. You probably need to ask them to help you setup the 'new way' so that they have something new to be an advocate for


          Good luck.  

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            You can use Categories in social groups, which are basically equivalent to single-level folders.