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    Create a contextual idea button




      I'm looking for a standardized button panel in all support groups for all application of our company in our 5.0.2 instance.

      This panel have to be paste directly in HTML widget for all groups.


      3 entries :


      • Ask your question : Open a formatted discussion using quick templates plugin made by Ryan Rutan. This point is OK, discussion is created in the right container.
      • Go to application : No other option than past directly the application URL.
      • Submit an Idea : Here is the issue, I'm not able to contextually pick the container ID, I tried with Javascript and it's erased by saving.


      I've tried to reach the containerID javascript variable declared in the header but nothing works.

      Group Template for Application Training and su...  WEEZ - Google Chrome.jpg

      <script type="text/javascript">

      write("<a _jive_internal=\"true\" href=\"/create-idea!input.jspa?container="+containerID+"&amp;containerType=700\">");</script>


      Do you know a simple way to detect the container in an HTML button to create content in the right place with a common code for all pages ?