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    Inaugural Australia User Group Meeting in July, any takers?

      All, as eluded to in the following posts:

      Take Two User Groups and See Us at JiveWorld12


      Jive is looking to offer discounted rates to User Group attendees that convene for a meeting in July! 

      Agreeably, this is a fast turn-around, but wanted to reach out to the group and see if there was interest.


      To get started, this group will need to do the following:

      • Identify a place/time to meet
      • Quantify interest to meet
      • Locate speakers/topics to discuss


      I will be reaching out through the community and through back channels to make people aware of this opportunity.


      If there is anything I can do to help make your User Group successful, please let me know.

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          Hi Ryan, great call if to can be organised. I was planning on being at JiveWorld12 so anything that can make Jive more visible downunder would be supported by me. Just to let you know I have been following Jive now for some 5 months preparing to seek a partner relationship. From what I have learned thus far there is a need to increase exposure so a user group event, no matter how small, would be a step in the right direction.


          As for potential locations, anywhere on the eastern seaboard would suffice, however Melbourne in the heart of winter is not quite as appealing as Sydney or the Gold coast. We do of course have a some respected social business leaders locally and I am sure they would endorse and actively contribute. James Dellow springs to mind so it is something I will follow up on with him.


          I look forward to hearing about any ideas you might have.





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              Peter, that would be awesome.   Being that I'm just a stones throw away here in Texas (just kidding =) ), I know I'll rely on those closest to the area to help find the nexus for the group.  I'm reaching out to people internally to see if I can get some help locating customers and interested folk alike in the area. =)

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                  Pete and I spoke this morning and I'd be happy to help get a user group meeting organised for July. Depending on the response from local Jive customers, we can accommodate a meeting at our office in Darlinghurst (Sydney).

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                      Thanks James. I'm in the middle of penning a note to Ryan, giving a heads up and a couple of requests. I should be posting it this afternoon after I've checked a few things.

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                          James, this sounds awesome.  I will reach out to our internal sales team and see if they can provide a push from this side.  Hoping we can make something work. =)

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                              Hi Ryan, well if you know how to skip stones Texas may be a stones throw away. BTW it seems like you have a quite distributed workforce, I've been corresponding with Shane Johnson and he's all the way up in Oregon.


                              With regard to the Aust conference I've been speaking with James Dellow and a couple of things are starting to take shape. In the first instance we are able to use the Headshift office if the numbers are up to about 10 as they have a suitable boardroom and as I mentioned their Sydney location is both a little warmer then down here in Melbourne and is also reasonably central to clients from the other Eastern state regions of Brisbane and Canberra.


                              In speaking with James we had thought of spreading the message a little more widely, ie inviting current Jive clients but also casting the net to potentially catch some others who may be thinking of going down the social biz path. If the numbers get above 10 James is confident of another Jive client in Sydney that would be happy to host and that has a larger room capacity.


                              Whilst the date hasn't been locked in it is feasible to make an end July, early August timeframe, given we probably only need a day at this stage of things. I gathered from James that he is as flexible as I am regarding locking in a date so if you have some thoughts on these rough dates please advise.


                              Conference content will be key to answering the value proposition and we've identified a couple of local potentials, possibly Deutsche Bank and maybe REA Group as a Melbourne presence as a start, who could give some case study presentations.


                              We would need to push the Jive barrow of course so any suggestions as to content and delivery preferences would be greatly appreciated.


                              Ideally we would be able to link some of the subject matter to the JiveWorld12 conference so any ideas you have on that score would be very handy. Lastly you mentioned you were going to see what the Jive Software machine could do with regard to pitching the conf to existing clients. Anything you could do there would be great and the sooner the better.





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                      G'day Ryan, in a short chat with James Dellow we've suggested a date of Thursday 26th July. Naturally we've got to get the notice of that date out to as many people as we can but it's a date that we can work with, so a start.



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                        All, in working through inside channels today to see what sort of buzz we create through back channels for this event, we reached out to one of our partners HEDLOC (based out of Sydney).  Apparently they were also interested in hosting this event at their offices in Sydney (however, due to holiday schedules...the request was not seen until yesterday). 


                        Peter Tapscott any issues if we relocate the event to HEDLOC offices?  I figured I would ask now before people starting jumping onto the invite.  I'm still interested in working with you to define the agenda; however, given that Jive will most likely not be able to have an employee onsite for this event, HEDLOC has offered to operate in that capacity. 


                        If there are any issues or conflicts, please let me know...happy to talk this out and do whatever makes sense for the group.  Looking forward to working on an agenda with everyone! =)

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                            Hi Ryan, I must admit I was a little surprised that I hadn't seen any input

                            from Hedloc. From my perspective I see no issues is relocating the event to

                            their facility. I think it was James Dellow that suggested Headshift would

                            be happy to let the group use their office. I'll check with James today. It

                            looks like there is definitely some interest in holding the event as we've

                            only had positive feedback from the few Jive customers we've managed to get

                            in contact with.


                            Given the short timeframe we have to work with I'm (as I'm sure others will

                            be) happy that Hedloc can act as a proxy for Jive and have someone on the

                            ground. I think it will be important to give a sense of Jive ownership of

                            parts of the event.


                            On a side issue I note that Jive is in the process of establishing a

                            sales/support capacity over here and I certainly celebrate that initiative.


                            To keep the ball rolling as quickly as possible I will try and make contact

                            with James ASAP and confirm for you.




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                              Hi Ryan, James and I managed to have a quick chat about the groups venue. I

                              also guess you saw James subtle message in the community. I guess at this

                              stage it might be a little bit impolite to not take up Headshift's most

                              kind offer, particularly given James's involvement in the community. To

                              make it fair here's my thinking. Headshift only have a limited capacity,

                              maximum of 12 attendees so if it was looking like the numbers were going to

                              be in excess of say 10 we would automatically move the venue to Hedloc (on

                              the basis that they have more capacity). James is happy with this scenario.

                              Naturally Hedloc representatives could provide the same content regardless

                              of the venue.


                              I realise there is an obvious competitive connotation but hopefully Hedloc

                              can see their way to being involved and participative.


                              Hopefully this works for Jive and Hedloc and we can start to firm up

                              content and get all Jive users notified of the event. No doubt you've

                              noticed the keen level of interest so far with the limited exposure we've

                              given it.





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                                  All,  to be clear my only intent for relocating the event was to try and have it hosted at a Jive Partner location.  Granted, I was not keen on requesting the change (out of fear of being impolite); however, felt it was worth bringing up.  It was not my understanding that Headshift was a partner (this is probably more related to me not being personally familiar with those details), had I known that I wouldn't have even brought up the matter.  As I said before, I'm happy to do whatever is in the best interest of the group.  =)


                                  I will loop back with HEDLOC, and let them know that the location has been set, and invite them to join the meeting at the Headshift location.  Please let me know if I can help in any way to help coordinate the agenda, etc...  If time permits, I would like to put together a small video one we have a bit of the agenda set to say hello and welcome the attendees on behalf of Jive. =)


                                  Update:  Just saw your other post, and I think that sounds appropriate.  I'll reach out to HEDLOC with that scenario and make sure they can support 12+ people at their location. - RR

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                                      Fantastic Ryan. I think we need to try and get an agenda out as close as possible to the end of this week, to give people time to make their necessary calendar entries or travel arrangements. Ideally, if you could advise the items you want to have Jive deliver that would be great. Next step is for us to firm up an agenda ASAP and get that to you in order for Jive to broadcast to the Jive Australia user base (via all available contact methods) details of the conference.


                                      I will work with Headshift and Hedloc to identify as many local customers as possible.


                                      Thanks for your input.