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    Images rotate on their own...


      We have noticed that images when uploaded to Jive are rotating on their own. We have noticed it in blogposts and on profile photos too. Both places a portrait image automatically rotates 90 degrees and this is adding to the annoyance.


      We tried all possibilities but it just keeps rotating every time we upload the image. And no it's not with a particular image, its with quite a lot of images.


      Is there anyone else facing this issue? Any idea why this happens? Any suggestions/fixes?

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          I would love an answer on this as well.  Ryan Rutan, is this something you can help with?  (You seem to be able to help with everything!!) 


          Thank you!

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              I remember something like this happening with people photos.  Off the top of my head I think it was limited to a specific file format, like BMP or something like that.  In short, it was a picture format that was being generated from a common program that was generatig them wrong.  Atleast that's what I think I remember.  What version of Jive are you on?  Also some tests to lock in on the root cause.  Take a photo that causes the bug, export it to another file format like PNG or JPG.  Try it again, if the problem goes away...then you know it's either the generating app...or the library jive is using to process images.   From there I'd go and grab a photo from google images of the same extension (the one that is buggy) and try to upload.  If issue does appear, likely to be a server interpretation issue.  If issue doesn't appear then might be related to the manner in which the file was generated.  Also, throw in a different browser to all of this, if the browser is translating/compressing photos on submit this could be part of the issue as well.  For any final issues or updates, definitely file a support tickets. That's the best way to see if this is a known issue with a resolution path.


              Hope that helps :)