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    Permissions on a JPG

    John Schwiller

      I just got to the bottom of a problem where the answer surprised me. Was I just being dumb?


      I have an HTML widget displaying a banner graphic in group XYZ, with this code:


      <img src="https://xxxx.jiveon.com/servlet/JiveServlet/downloadImage/102-1102-10-1234/620-254/blah.jpg" width="100%" alt="blah">


      The image was on a page ABC of multiple graphics in a Resources group that was secret. It seems that the permissions on the Resources group and hence the page ABC (i.e. just me) affected who could see the image in group XYZ  Was that what I should have expected? Is there a better way to upload graphic files bearing in mind that with J4T we have both hands tied behind our backs    

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          Hey John,


          That is what I have found to be true also.  The documents, images, etc in the group inherit the permissions to prevent direct linking. Making the group public will work but I noticed that when uploading graphics for banners referenced from a group like you describe it still would load not as fast as the other graphics on the page becuase it goes through that  servlet I think and not direct.  In out J4T system I thought to use the themes to get around this. When you choose the top page image for a theme it uploads it to the image directory and the you can reference it from there.   Just save that theme but don't use it.   That seems to make the banner I use load a lot quicker and cleaner.


          This isn't great though for a company who needs a lot of images. For that it would be nice to have direct access to an image directory on the server.