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    Ooops, did we forget something?


      Jive Mobile Team:


      First, let me thank you for the great job you did in providing a solution for SSO customers: Understanding Jive Mobile's SSO Compliance.

      It absolutely meets the needs of my organization.  And while it introduces a few additional challenges, none that we cannot overcome, it certainly resolved a major challenge that was not easily surmountable without development you provided.


      But I cannot help to wonder if you may have accidentally or intentionally forget something.


      What is it?

      You forgot to add an alerting feature for OAuth Token users to inform them that their token would expire within x-days.


      While I meant to bring this up to you before we upgraded to Jive 5, it was one of those items that took a back seat to some other pressing issues until.....

      Well, until last week when I was mobile and communicating with my community via the iPhone when unexpectedly my OAuth token expired.


      I was rather fortunate given that I was only about 50-mins away from returning to my PC where I could continue working.


      However, I could not help wonder what would happen if one our executives was remote (airport, hotel, limo) trying to generate a blog about a big customer meeting or some other key event when "ooops", they're challenged to re-register their OAuth token before regaining access via their mobile device.


      That would hurt in a major wayl


      Anyways, just wondering what's the timeline for making this function GA?