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    Warning on Adding an Internal Link in a Secret Group

    John Schwiller

      I'm currently doing quite a bit of linking 'internally' in one of several secret groups.


      The use case is often that we publish a PPT by rendering it to PDF using Adobe and then publishing that because we want users to be able to read it online - however users also may need to take a copy of the deck and clone a new deck so we also create a document and add the original PPT as an attachment. Have commented elsewhere about how useful it would be to have both docs on the same page [citation needed]. I would dearly love Jive to use Adobe or another, better renderer as it's the awful way PPTs are rendered that drives us into what I'm describing here - but that's another issue.


      So to tie these two pages together we add a link on each, or in a comment, pointing at the other page.


      But you get this warning.

      secret warning.jpg


      When both Doc A and Doc B are in the same group I think this warning could be omitted? It's just that I'm currently seeing this a lot.