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    Jive Community Support

    Tim Gray

      We're looking at options for a user based internal support structure.  http://www.jivesoftware.com/social-business/solutions/customer-service  Is an interesting video but looks like it uses some functionality not part of the basic Jive package (I saw a reference to cases, for example).


      There are a number of examples of external support communities (apple, SAP etc.) who use Jive but I wonder what works best internally.  One issue we wrestle with is that for discussions and quesions it's almost impossible to rely on tagging/categorization since there is no option (other than for a super admin) for a community manager to add/edit tags or categories.


      Does anyone have any experience on the architecture of an internal support community?  Our basic use case is to help support our migration to the current versions (from2003) of our Microsoft portfolio.