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    Questions on Gamification - just installed it  ;-)




      We just turned on the gamification module for our internal instance of Jive.  I have a few questions.  We put it on PRD before playing with it on UAT... note to self and to others.... DON'T DO THAT!!  ;-)    Our community is wondering what's going on before we had a chance to tell them. 


      1.  Can we "hide" the store from under the "Browse" feature?  We have already deactivated the out of the box store items, but were wondering if the option could be hidden completely so we can work on figuring out what we can put in there for our community members to "purchase" with their new points.


      2.  With turning on the module, we instantly "lost" the current point values people had been earning.  Is it possible for me to get a spreadsheet of the previous point values so I can transfer them to the new point system?  We are having some people kind of upset that the X many of points they had are now gone.  We want to at least give them back to them and then have them start earning more and also badges.   If there is a way to get the previous points, is there a way to auto populate them into the gamification module?  I'm thinking no, but thought I'd ask anyway.


      3.  Lifetime points vs. spending points.  So, if you spend your current points, do they go back to zero and you build up again?  Do you lose your status then too?  Or does your lifetime points and status level remain and just your current points get reduced as you spend them?


      That's it for now.


      Thanks for your help in advance!