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    CMR Content Counts vs SAP BO

    Ted Hopton

      I'm putting together a leaderboard for our CEO showing how much his direct reports, and their teams, are doing in our internal Jive community (the Hub). So, I need my numbers to be accurate!


      I pulled content counts from the CMR. Tedious to do these one by one, but I am hopeful that one day we'll be able to schedule these! But, as I noted here, Comments Count, the content lists in CMR do not include comments, nor responses in discussions.


      So, I tried to create a report to pull this in SAP BO. Why I thought this would work correctly, I don't know... actually, I doubted from the start that it would be easy or correct. Anyway, I digress, which is so easy to do when I start complaining about SAP BO reports...


      After I created my report, which returns content type and activity count by user, I compared the results for one particularly active blogger. According to CMR, for the time period he had made 10 blog posts (which sounded right, since I have been reading them and there have been many). But SAP BO insists he only wrote three (and I know this is patently wrong).


      I then tried using the BLOGPOST COUNT item in my report and it agreed with the activity count: only three blog posts. Sigh.


      Any ideas why, and more importantly, how to get SAP BO to return the correct count? If it's wrong for the blog posts, I don't trust it for the comment and message counts, either -- and those are what I actually wanted to use.

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          I'm having very similar issues here. I'm doing a year-end report and trying to note content counts on the first day of each month, so I can run some quick calculations in Excel to find how many new pieces of content were created the previous month. I'm finding that SAP BIOD is mostly not returning results based on the "Content count" metric and when it does, it's wildly different from either the CMR or what I expect by manually counting things.


          Perhaps someone at Jive could create some additional content count report templates for SAP BIOD that work well and share with the public? Seriously unhappy with the reporting system, it's not easy at all to pull anything but basic numbers, and in this case, what I think is a basic number (Content count), it's not working for me at all.