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    Using Photo Booths to promote Jive internally?


      I know some community managers have set up photo booths to help market their internal Jive instances. Employees get a new photo to add to their profile, helping with engagement.


      We are considering this approach for one of our client groups. Can anyone who's done this before offer any advice? Interested in best practices around how to set up the booth, other activities that work well at the booth at the same time, and the logistics of getting the photos out to the users afterwards. Also, do you think this was successful, or would you recommend a different tactic?



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          We have coordinated two Picture Days and I highly recommend them. For the first one, we had two photographers, an optional black backdrop, multiple memory cards, two laptops with memory card readers, and an iPad with speakers playing some rocking tunes on Pandora.  We set up shop in a room just outside our cafeteria during lunch. We went pretty low tech but there may be ways to streamline the process with better technology. Both events were also good opportunities to answer any questions about Jive and why completing the profile is important.


          Our Process

          1. Our photographer took the photo anywhere in the room where the person wanted for a less posed look.
          2. Photographer handed me the memory card
          3. He inserted a new card and proceeded to the next person in line
          4. I inserted the memory card into the reader in my laptop.
          5. I emailed the photo to the person while they waited so we didn't have to worry about tracking names to photos.
          6. I erased the card and put it in the pile of memory cards ready to use next.
          7. Repeat steps 2-6 until done and/or exhausted.


          Our second one was part of a tabling event, where we didn't have time to email photos immediately. In this case, the photographer simply took a picture of the person holding up his or her ID badge. We emailed the photos later that day. It important to remember to set the camera so that the final images fit under any file or pixel size limits you have in place in your Jive.

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              This is great advice. 


              Hi Jesse Kane!  I am planning a photo booth day for employees in my company.  Any suggestion on a fun, catchy invitation?  I was thinking something like:


              "Are you still using your #ThrowBackThursday photos on EDge, LinkedIn, Social Media sites?    We can help!!!



              Jo Craig

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                  I like your approach. I have seen plenty of people using some vintage photos on their professional profiles. When I'm feeling cheeky, I want to run a campaign borrowing a direct quote from an HR leader here "People without photos online are creepy." But that one may need a little work. In all seriousness, I was also thinking about some promotion around "You're not faceless in real life, so don't be that faceless gray guy in Jive"


                  I was similarly thinking about positioning our next picture day beyond just Jive to drum up more business. In addition the the sites you mention, we have a growing number of internal systems that have profile photos like Salesforce.com, WebEx Instant Messaging, Workday (HR) and SinglePoint (Market Research).

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                When we launched our site at my last company, Bridgepoint Education who owns Ashford University, we did an orientation theme open house event and one of the booths was a chance to get your picture done. It wasn't complicated. We happened to have a co-worker who did professional photos on the side. We set up a black backdrop, had a box of fun props and let people come get their "Quad [our site name] pic.” People came down with their teams or took solo photos, some with tons of props, others just themselves.


                A really fun part of it was that we had Champ the Saint Bernard, the Ashford University mascot, walking around to promote the event and he jumped in a number of people's photos. That was in Oct 2012 and many still have that as their profile pic. Promoted the site as well as the connection with the company. Jennifer, I imagine that with your company's recognizable branding, you could do some amazing stuff! :)