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    Help needed for a custom Actions Widget on the homepage


      Jive External Communities welcome to answer.


      Hi there,

      I've been working on a redesign and massive cleanup of our community homepage and here's what I have on our UAT instance:


      Screen Shot 2012-07-09 at 5.08.03 PM.png


      Few changes you'll notice - we've removed the icons for Activity, Communication and Actions and made them just text quite like this community. We've also elevated our Help Center (check our design for that in the attachments) to a place where most users are expecting to look for it. Based on feedback from users, we're making the links for creating content explicit on the homepage, so the calls to action for content creation are evident. Here's where I'm facing a problem.


      See the Get Started widget in the screenshot. I stole most of the HTML from the Actions widget that's available on the homepage, but that unfortunately doesn't have a link to create a blogpost. I've tried my best to second guess what that link might be, but I'm drawing a blank. Can you help me with this?