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    Jive as a Social intranet -do you have a success story?


      Have any of you replaced a traditional intranet with Jive or a Jive&SP combo? I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the following as we are looking to do just that, so any lessons or experiences others have had in this change would be hugely appreciated!


      1. What worked well?
      2. Strengths?
      3. Weaknesses?
      4. Business Change challenges?
      5. General feedback sentiment from your users?


      Many thanks


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          We've been using Jive as the basis of our Social Intranet for almost a year. I have lots of successes, challenges and lessons learned- too many to document all here- but here are some high level thoughts:

          1. Jive is our Intranet Homepage- it does not sit separately next to an existing Intranet
          2. We added traditional navigation so users can get to routine Intranet content, like T&E, Procurement, Policy etc, whether that content resides somewhere else on our Jive instance, or another internal CMS or login page for a 3rd party site.
          3. Our home page is a mix of traditional corporate messaging (top story, news, world clocks) and social elements (curated blog posts, top liked, activity stream)
          4. As an all Group site, our corporate communications teams have been challenged with balancing the need to know "can everyone see this important (at least we think it's important) news" with the user opt-in approach of "I will follow if I think it's important"
          5. Routine executive messaging has been a challenge. It's good when it comes, but it's been tough to get execs to post/interact routinely, which impacts engagement overall.
          6. I wished I had prepped users and execs on the onslaught of highly visible "soft content" typically found in early stages of the rollout as more conservative users trialed site with "safe but soft" content.
          7. Have your metrics and good examples ready to demonstrate that content is business related, even if it's hidden behind Private and Secret Groups, or as we more correctly label these Invitation Only and Unlisted.
          8. Share your Business Use Cases so everyone knows there are business objectives with the site, not just making social connections.
          9. Don't ever use "Facebook for the Enterprise" in any kind of discussion.
          10. Best success stories all combine social elements with traditional Intranet activity, such as VP of Benefits blogging about upcoming benefit changes before open enrollment site made available for actual selections.


          I'm happy to share more offline or further online discussion.

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            I work for Pearson as the Head of Internal Communications and have used Jive platform for about a year to great success. The migration from the intranet to a Social Network has been smooth and people working for the UK business have really started to embrace this tool and interact in a way they could not in the past.


            We created Spaces for the static policy style content and org structure / key departmental information and this is centrally managed via a network of editores. Everybody else used Groups to share their more social content and interact.


            Happy to discuss the way we introduced this to the business in more detail.

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              Patrick Durando, thanks for sharing that info. I am curious, about how many Unlisted or invite only groups do you have so far? and what is the size of your organization? we are rolling out jive now (first time) and still in 'soft launch' phase. thanks!