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    Activity Types (What do Online/Offline Really Mean)?


      I was hoping someone here might be able to help me get a bit of a deeper definition of some of the activity types in the BI OD module. I'm running a report to segment our users into "Super Users" "Power Users" "Learners," etc. After breaking activity counts down by activity types, I noticed that a lot of the activity was coming from the types



      Online (140)


      Offline (150)


      Log In (160)


      Log Out (161)



      I'm not sure what these activity types really mean--does "Online" get triggered whenever a user is online on Jive? How would this differ from the number of times they have logged in?  And what is the reason for counting the times that users are "Offline"?  I am sensing that there is a fundamental misunderstanding on my part about what these actually entail.  Also, if one is trying to measure a user's activity level, what if any of these 4 activities would be meaningful to include?


      And to throw in an added wrinkle just for fun--if a company is a single sign-on operation, how does that affect the calculation of things like "Online" and "Log In," considering users are technically always logged in?


      All help greatly appreciated!!

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          Caitlin --


          • I pretty much ignore Online, Offline, and Logout -- it isn't clear to me what they tell you and very few people actually logout every time.
          • In terms of login, this is helpful even if you have single sign on or use "Remember Me" as I believe the "login" activity gets recorded. (I am not 100% sure what happens with SSO). If you are trying to see how many people were active on  a particular day, you can check if they had any activity for that particular day. (as a login record might not exist...but a "view" record might.)


          Finally, if you are interested, we have built a framework that sits on top of the Jive analytics data using QlikView. It is provides tremendous value from a data discovery perspective. Unlike the BOBJ reporting, you can change data views in seconds and go from high to the most granular level of detail that you want.


          Things like -- most status points over time, for a particular group(s) or space(s); who is viewing what blogs and specific blog posts; what are the most active searches; what groups have had the most (or least activity) over any time frame, etc. I am happy to share more on what we feel is a very compelling framework.


          Our perspective is the CMRs are extremely esay to use and provide valueable, but limited data. The BO module is great for ongoing scheduled reports, but is complex to use. Our QlikView framework addresses the gap in between there - very fast and very easy to discover what is happening in your Jive community.


          I am happy to chat more if you want more details.

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              Thank you so much for your reply!  You make a good point that "Log In" would be the one that would probably be helpful to measure in terms of user activity, even if the others aren't that clear (I don't want to go around giving out reports to people saying that User X has logged 1000 actions in Jive, if 100 of those actions are actually them being "offline").  I think they will have to be filtered out.


              I am definitely interested in hearing more about your framework, I have seen some of your other posts on it and am looking forward to watching the YouTube demo.  Through much blood, sweat and tears I finally feel pretty comfortable tooling around the BO module, but as my original post hinted, there are still plenty of things I stumble across that are very confusing.  Plus I have spent years of my life waiting for those BO reports to load .

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                  I will let you know when the YouTube video is out there....hopefully soon!


                  If you are interested, we can also setup a quick demo of the framework to give you an idea of how it works (and how it compares to BO and the CMRs). The one thing with QlikView....no more waiting for BO reports to load and process....the dashboards react immediately to any changes of the data. It is pretty cool -- I am biased of course -- but I think it is a very compelling tool for community managers.

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