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    Has anyone changed their Status Point levels?


      Hi There


      Just trying to understand the impacts if we change our status point levels - has anyone done this?

      We are looking to change the tiers (as per below)... just wanting to understand if we make these tier changes, will the members existing levels be impacted eg if i am currently a Change Manager on 300 points, when the new changes go through will i be 'demoted' to 'Stepping Up'? or will they remain the same, only new members will be impacted?


      Current tiers:

      Screen shot 2011-09-01 at 2.18.27 PM.png


      Proposing to change to:

      ON-Brand Master          5,001 - unbounded

      ON-Brand Leader         1,001-5,000

      Change Maker              500-1,000

      Stepping Up                  101-500

      Newbie                          0-100


      Any info about the impact of making tier changes would be appreciated.